Bachelor of Theology

Course title: Bachelor of Theology

Australian College of Theology (ACT) course
Course code: 050815B
CRICOS Provider Code for ACT (WA): 02558A


The aim of the degree is to guide students in a systematic manner to the acquisition of the body of coherent knowledge that is the classical discipline of theology as a means of preparing men and women for the responsibility of communicating Christian knowledge as leaders in the church, as if students so choose, to the acquisition of skills appropriate to ministry in one or more areas of pastoral practice.

Entry requirements

TER of 77.10+ or alternate entry.

Course length

A three-year program (max 9yrs part-time) Each unit is one semester, a normal full-time load being 4 units/semester.

Unit Lists (core/elective)

10 Foundational Units:

Old Testament Foundations
Old Testament Prophets and Writings
The Content and Setting of the Gospel Tradition
The Early New Testament Church
Introduction to Systematic Theology

At least 1 of:

Ministry Formation
Foundations for Youth Ministry
Ministry Formation for Educational Chaplaincy

At least 2 of:

Early Church History (30-451)
The Church from 1550 to Modern Times
The Continental Reformation (Advanced level)

At least 2 semesters of biblical language chosen from:

NT Greek A and B
Biblical Hebrew A and B

10 Advanced Units:

At least 6 biblical exegesis subjects (at least 1 from each of OT and NT)

The Pentateuch
Synoptic Gospels
Former Prophets
The Fourth Gospel
Paul and Corinthian Correspondence
The Psalter
The Epistle to the Hebrews
Wisdom Literature
General Epistles
The Doctrine of God and the Work of Christ

At least 2 of:

Doctrinesof Grace & Eschatology
Reformation Issues
Church, Sacraments and Ministry
Continental Reformation
Church History (if not taken above)

4 Electives: From any of the above or units such as:

Chaplaincy in Education Settings
Christian Apologetics
Christian Faith in Society
Church Dynamics and Growth
Evangelism Principles
Field Education Unit
Foundations of Pastoral Care
Foundations for Youth Ministry
Introductory Preaching
Intro to Christian Ethics
Intro to Church based Children's Ministry
Issues in Children's Ministry
Living Faiths
Ministry Formation
Ministry Formation for Educational Chaplaincy
Mission in an Urban Context
Mission Perspectives
Pastoral Skills and Methods
Principles of Leadership & Management

Minimum of 4-core foundation level units must be completed before attempting advanced level. A maximum of 8 foundation level units can be included in the degree.