Beyond 400 - the book

Beyond 400: Exploring Baptist Futures

After 2009's successful Beyond 400 conference, Vose is proud to announce the publication of the Beyond 400 book, collecting the papers from the conference. It includes the keynote addresses by Nigel Wright and Martin Sutherland and a paper by Baptist world president, Neville Callam. Past and present staff and students of Vose to contribute include editors David Cohen and Michael Parsons; Michael O'Neil, Brian Harris, Richard Moore, Steve McAlpine, and Ian Packer.

Publisher's Description

Baptists worldwide recently celebrated 400 years of history and witness. This volume is a collection of papers presented at the "Beyond 400" conference held in Perth, Western Australia, as part of these celebrations. Contributors have written from a broad range of perspectives reflecting biblically and theologically on the thinking and practice of Baptists in the past and present. These reflections form a basis for exploring how Baptists can function more effectively in our contemporary world situation and imagine themselves in the future.

Chapters range from providing historical perspectives to biblical and theological reflections on issues that have been critical to Baptist belief and ministry. They examine the core values that, historically, have distinguished Baptists within the broader context of the church and explore how these values might both underpin and play out in Baptist churches today.

Contributions reflect a firm belief among both the presenters and attendees at the "Beyond 400" conference that Baptists not only have a future but also offer a necessary voice to our world. This voice is firmly based on the issues that first precipitated the Baptist movement some 400 years ago, and the continuing relevance of these issues as they are reimagined for our contemporary situation.


Copies of the book are available for $30 from the Vose reception. You can also buy directly from the publisher.


  1. Baptist Christians: repentant and unrepentant / Nigel G. Wright
  2. Humane religion: evangelical faith, Baptist identity, and liberal secularism / Nigel G. Wright
  3. The sound of silence? Baptist thought in Obama's world / Martin Sutherland
  4. Meeting for minutes? Baptist congregational life in the age of Twitter / Martin Sutherland
  5. Beyond identity crises? The future of Baptist theology / Michael O'Neil
  6. Is a denomination a church? / Peter Ralphs
  7. Emerging-missional ecclesiology and the future of denominal leadership and affiliation / Graham J.G. Hill
  8. The little church that could / Steve McAlpine
  9. Cyprian and The Pilgrim's Progress / Edwina Murphy
  10. Leadership style and church culture / Janice Howard Newham
  11. Baptists in mission to and with the poor: what do we need to learn? / Scott Higgins
  12. Baptist witness to New Testament baptism beyond 400 / Richard K. Moore
  13. An immodest proposal for the practice of the Lord's table / Ian Packer
  14. Church as (covenant) community - then and now / Michael Parsons
  15. Worship and the unity of Baptists today / Neville Callum
  16. The emerging portrait: a response / Brian Harris and Nigel G. Wright