Doctor of Philosophy

From the ACT website:

The Doctor of Philosophy is designed to equip men and women as beginning researchers in a broad range of fields of study related to the humanities and social sciences and provide a qualification recognised by theological and Bible colleges as well as universities for thsoe who teach in these fields.

Entry requirements: either one of the following awards of the College:
(i) Bachelor of Theology with First Class or 2A Honours;
(ii) Bachelor of Ministries with First Class or 2A Honours;
(iii) Master of Theology (Research);
(iv) Master of Arts (Theology) or under certain circumstances Master of Arts (Ministry) with a 15,000 word research project assessed at an equivalent level (3.0 GPA overall, with a Distinction in the project).
(v) Master of Divinity with an overall GPA of at least 3.0, including a Distinction in the 16cps MA level project (**790)
- or a qualification which in the opinion of the Graduate Research Awards Board is of equivalent status such as the equivalent awards of the ecumenical consortia.