Library Guides

These library guides provide information on key aspects of the library. Some are designed to be a self-paced tutorials, including exercises. If anything is unclear in the guides, please ask one of the library staff to explain. Print copies are available from the library desk.

1. The Library Catalogue - you need to understand how to use the library catalogue in order to locate the right books and renew and reserve. Includes some tips on advanced searching to get better results.

2. The Journals Database - learn how to use the EBSCO databases for full text articles and abstracts of print journals. Your lecturer will expect you to know how to do this!

3. E-books - a guide to accessing and using our growing range of electronic books.

4. The Australasian Religion Index - a database of Australian and New Zealand religious journals available from within Vose.

5. Evaluating Books- a guide to working out a book's purpose and its relevance to your topic.

6. Buying Christian Books

The Vose Library manual includes all the library guides, as well as a general introduction to services and exercises to develop your library skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is my login?

Vose Library Catalogue (for renewing and reserving books), EBSCO online journals databases (RPC and ATLA) and Proquest

Username: firstname.surname (eg: 'sam.smith')
Password: last five digits of your library card

Ebooks (EBL)

You make this up yourself when you first create an account. If you can't remember, click on 'Forgotten your password' when you try to log in. It will email you your details.

Photocoper / Scanner

Five digit number nominated by you when you set the account up at the front office or library desk.

2. Why can't I log in to journals/ ebooks/ catalogue?

Possible reasons:

  • Are you logging into the correct page? The Vose library catalogue is for items within the library (you don't have to login to search!); the EBSCO journals database is an index of journals.
  • Have you changed library cards at any stage? If so, you might be using the old barcode or we may have not updated your record. Please contact the library to check - (08) 6313 6288.

3. How many items can I take out?

For public members, it depends on whether you have taken out a standard or basic membership; for Vose students, it depends on how many units you are studying:


Number of items

Normal loan time

1 or 2 units

15 items

21 days

3 or 4 units

25 items

21 days

Research students (includes research projects)

40 items

42 days

4. What are your opening hours?

During semester, including study breaks, our opening hours are:

Monday: 8:30am - 4:30pm
Tuesday to Thursday: 8:30am - 7pm
Friday: 8:30am - 4:30pm

Outside semester, we are open Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 4:30pm.

The Library is closed on weekends and public holidays and between Christmas and New Year.

5. Where are the journals?

Many journals are available in full-text online through EBSCO. Print journals are kept upstairs, arranged by the title of the journal.

6. What does the letter before the call number mean? (Eg P230 MCG or U260 SMI)

The letters indicate that the item is in one of the special collections.

AN = Anabaptist Collection
L = Leadership Collection
P = Popular Collection
PAM = Pamphlet boxes (these are at the bottom of the main collection shelves)
R = Reference Collection
S = Study Skills
U = Upstairs Collection

7. I can't find a particular book on the shelf!

Possible reasons:

  • Are you checking the right collection? Most of the books are in the Main Collection, but quite a few are not!
  • Did the status say something other than 'available'? 'Missing' books are self-explanatory; 'in process' books are still being processed by the library staff. If you ask us, we will prioritise any 'in process' books you need.
  • Could the book be on display just above its normal place or in the new books at the front of the library?
  • Is someone else reading it?

If none of these solve it, ask the library staff - we are expert book trackers, and may be able to locate it.