The archives of Baptist Union of Western Australia are held in a special room within the Vose Seminary Library. They contain a treasure trove of Western Australian Baptist history.


The collection covers three main areas:

1. Baptist Union and its committees, societies and agencies: minutes, correspondence, handbooks and yearbooks, periodicals, reports, publications and manuscripts.

2. Baptist churches and fellowships affiliated with the Baptist Union of WA : minutes, correspondence, reports and publications.

3. Ministers and lay-people : profiles, photographs, tape recordings, sermons and publications.


The Advocate 2001-
Annual Assembly Reports
The Australian Baptist [incomplete]
Baptist Union of WA Handbooks
Churinga [incomplete]
Contact 1961-2001
The West Australian Baptist News 1902-1953 [incomplete]
Westralian Baptist

Finding aids

Material which has been accessioned is recorded in a computerized database. Because it is it is held in locked compactus shelving, you need to arrange with the archivist to access it.

There are also a number of secondary aids designed to give quick access to basic information - including churches, statistics, presidential addresses, secretarial reports.

A second set of serial holdings are available as open access copies on unlocked shelves.


Photocopying may only be carried out by the archivist or the archivist's representative. Fragile materials may not be photocopied unless they have been encapsulated, and even then restrictions may apply.


There is no policy restricting publication, but acknowledgement is expected.

Searching and fees

For family searches and enquirers not directly connected to the Baptist Churches of WA, a fee may be charged if you cannot visit the archives in person and require a search taking more than ten minutes.