Mission, Vision, Values

Resourcing Christian leaders for a lifetime of healthy service.

Our Vision

To be a world class centre, known for excellence and passion, which advances church health and leadership development in Western Australia and beyond.

Our Values

These values are grounded in the realist, being and action of the Triune God as revealed in the Bible.

  • Spiritual growth - we value healthy growing spirituality based on an intimate relationship with God.
  • Grace and love - we value thoughts, words and actions which are permeated and governed by grace and love.
  • Being - we value health of soul, body and relationships as foundational for great leadership.
  • Together - we value working together, helping and being helped, knowing that we are stronger when we work together.
  • Integrity - we value integrity of deed and word.
  • Camaraderie - we value celebration of success, support in suffering and adversity and, where we can, taking delight along the way.
  • Learning - we value lifelong learning, that is, a teachable mind and disposition that seeks after growth.
  • Service - we value servant leadership, knowing individuals and groups of people matter to God and that we lead them for the benefit of God's kingdom and their eternal welfare, not our own gain.
  • Resilience - we value resilience which is hopeful, gentle and faithful.

Come, grow...